data recovery

Where hard drive failure has resulted in you losing information that has not been backed up, we understand how vital it is that you get it back. We are dedicated to ensuring that your data is recovered quickly and for a fair price. You may need to supply a storage device such as a USB external drive upon which we will store your recovered files. We can also set up a backup schedule so you never lose your data again

We recover data from:-

Laptops / PCs / Macs / Mobile Phones / Tablets / iPads / Memory Sticks / External Hard Drives / Solid State Drives / SD Cards / Raid / NAS

Price – FROM £45.00

data backup

Most of us now use personal devices to store data such as precious photos, emails from friends, financial information, contacts, music collections and work files. This data has become integral to our everyday lives. But all it takes is a thief, a corrupted hard drive, a fire, a virus or a misplaced device and it can all be lost forever. The good news is that safely backing it all up is fast, easy and inexpensive. Prevention is better than cure.

Price – £35.00

data secure erase

You’re the proud owner of a new device, faster SSD or a larger hard drive. It’s time to toss your old equipment in the bin, donate it to someone else or sell it on. Not so fast!

First you need to clean the data off your old drive so you don’t become a victim of identify theft. Simply deleting the data off your hard drive doesn’t actually delete it – it basically just hides it from immediate view. A file recovery program can easily recover the information.

If you want to make sure that your private information is gone forever, leave it to us to securely wipe your hard drive using specialist software.

Price – £35.00

data transfer

If you need to transfer personal files, such as photos, documents, videos, browser favourites, contacts or email settings to another device, please contact us for a swift solution.

Price – £35.00

password recovery

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to log into a device when you don’t remember your password. Forgotten passwords happen all the time but don’t worry – we can remove this for you in no time.

Price – from £30.00